About Us

Fine Craftsmanship:

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." - John Wooden. We take this quote to heart. Each stone crafted at our facility captures the unique textures and elements found within mother nature herself. Our individual stones are hand colored and checked for consistency prior to leaving our facility to ensure our products represent stone as it might naturally be found.


Eco Friendly:

Through our Partnerships with Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Canadian Green Building Council, and with support from the National Research council, we have developed a highly efficient, environmentally friendly mix design that utilizes locally sourced recycled materials. We also utilize boxes that are made from 100% recyclable material, to ensure as little waste as possible is created. Together, our focus is creating sustainability through transforming Canada's schools, businesses, and all other structures into healthy green buildings, homes and communities.


It's not just in our name, we are continuously focused on research and development, process improvements and utilization of innovative techniques. It's our mindset. Along with continued research through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, we encourage our employees, distributors, and clients to offer constructive feedback and develop new ideas whatever their job area is. We believe there is always room for improvement.


We take pride in our relationships with our customers. Our experienced team and authorized distributors can answer your questions and help you in selecting the right stone for your project. Also, all of our products are backed by our 50 year limited warranty when purchased through our distributors.

Our Story:

Innovative Stonecraft is a proud Canadian manufacturer of high quality stone veneer located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was born out of the belief that we can bring innovation and new green processes to the Canadian stone veneer market while still remaining competitive with a home grown product.

The Canadian stone veneer market is dominated with products that are produced by major manufacturers in the U.S.A, China, Turkey, and Korea. Our vision is to provide a product crafted in Canada, utilizing local resources and green processes, to the Canadian housing and commercial construction market.

For the past 13 years, we have been serving our customers high quality stone; and due to our continued growth, have been able to switch our focus to manufacturing only. Visit our where to buy page to see where our product can be found.